The Omnis Animalis

Every year the Future Vets Club publishes a journal called the Omnis Animalis (formerly known as The Speculum) which is a collection of articles written for students by students. Article topics are open-ended, with a range of topics from chimpanzees to mastitis in dairy cows. Any member of the Future Vets Club is eligible to write an article for the journal, and have the chance to win a $150 prize as well as other prizes such as FVC swag!


We ask that articles be at least 1000 words but there is no maximum number. Articles must be properly cited, including the pictures, but our editors are more than happy to help you! The first draft of articles are due on January 31st 2019, and after this date, the editors will work with writers to perfect the articles for publication. If you are interested please email us at


How To Submit to the Omnis Animalis

Hey Future Vets! Interested in getting more involved in the Future Vets Club? The FVC is looking for volunteer writers to submit to our annual journal The Omnis Animalis!

There is a $150 dollar prize up for grabs to the best article submitted as well as additional prizes for other writers.

If you’re interested please email Emmy at