Welcome to the University of Guelph Future Vets Club!

The Future Vets Club (FVC) is a non-profit CSA approved club run out of the University of Guelph. Our main goal is to provide support to undergraduate students intending to apply to veterinary colleges, both within Ontario and internationally. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible by organizing and hosting informative seminars and events which feature speakers from animal-related fields and by providing as much information as we can on work/volunteer opportunities as well as what schools offer a degree in veterinary medicine.

We hope to provide our members with a broad, first-hand glimpse of the veterinary profession as well as the various fields within veterinary medicine. To get an idea of our typical events and meetings, feel free to browse through our Events section for previous events. The events that the club hosts provide valuable information and also allow undergraduate students the opportunity to network with potential volunteer supervisors and meet students who share similar interests and a passion for animals.

This is, of course, only an overview of what the club is about. For more information about the Future Vets Club, veterinary medicine, and opportunities available to undergraduate students, please look through the website. If you have any further questions, please contact the FVC and we will do our best to answer your questions.



No events scheduled at this time

Past Events

Arboretum Walk

October 1, 2022 — Where: Entrance to the Arboretum off of East Ring Road When: Saturday, October 1st @ 4:00pm Hey FVC! Feeling like the stresses of upcoming midterm season getting to you? Come join us on a social walk through the arboretum! We want to help support your mental health at such a busy time, so give yourself a well-deserved break and come...

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Toronto Zoo Trip

October 23, 2022 — WHERE: Toronto Zoo WHEN: October 23rd, 2022 Join the Future Vets Club on a field trip to the Toronto Zoo, to learn about veterinary medicine for exotic animals and to see what life is like for a Zoo Vet. Learn about exotic animal husbandry and the behind-the-scenes at the Toronto Zoo. Sign up with this form: https://forms.gle/tJVr86oN52EFb6pb6 Fee is $35 for...

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Fall General Meeting

September 21, 2022 — WHEN: Wednesday September 21st, 6pm-7pm WHERE: OVC, LLC Building, Room 1714 Join us for our 2022 Fall General Meeting! Come for a tour of the Ontario Veterinary College and learn all there is to know about becoming a member of the Future Vets Club. This is an important meeting to attend to learn how to officially join as a member...

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