2019-2020 Executive


Co-President - Matthew Vermey

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology and Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: I aspire to get into the Ontario Veterinary College and become a small or large animal vet. I also have a particular interest in the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine.


Co-President - Kendall Kaufman

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I have been an animal lover all my life, and I hope to one day become a small animal veterinarian. I have no plans to specialize yet, but I do have a special interest in cardiology!


Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Lowenger

Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Lowenger

Manager of Student Affairs, Ontario Veterinary College


Secretary - Sarah VanSickle

Program and Year: 4th Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I am so excited to join the FVC executive team during my final year at the university. I aspire to attend OVC or an international vet school and open my own mixed-animal practice. I have embraced my Aggie-ness and developed a love for large animals—especially cows! I also have interests in shelter, wildlife, and zoo medicine which I hope will open doors for continued education and travel in the future.


Senior Treasurer - Carmen Huang

Program and Year: 3rd Year Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: I've always had a soft spot for animals so I definitely want to become a veterinarian, possibly for companion animals, but I have an interest to become a veterinary oncologist as well.


Junior Treasurer - Janis Fishman

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Ever since I could remember, I have always dreamed about becoming a veterinarian. As of right now, I am extremely interested in animal behaviour and hope for one day to pursue a rewarding career as a veterinarian where my main focus can be on studying the behaviour in small animals. 


Event Coordinator - Akshaya Chandrashekar

Program and Year: 3rd Year Bio-Medical Science, minor in Molecular Biology & Genetics

Aspirations: I would love to be able to combine my love for working with large exotic animals with my passion for scuba diving so my ultimate goal is to specialize in veterinary care for marine mammals! Additionally, I want to help spread awareness and promote the conservation and preservation of aquatic life and marine ecosystems whose survival is under severe threat in today's world.


Event Coordinator - Emmy Luo

Program and Year: 3rd Year Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: Next September I will be moving south of the border to attend Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY. I have a strong interest in One Health with a special focus on translational medicine, and I'm planning to specialize in small animal surgery or oncology. It's so exciting to be planning events for you this year and I look forward to getting to know everyone. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about applying internationally, or if you would just like to chat!



Junior Events Coordinator - Jackson Holloway

Program and Year: 1st Year Arts and Science

Aspirations: Having grown up an animal lover through and through, it has always been my dream to become a veterinarian.  I hope to combine this passion with a love of motivational speaking and international development. I would love to work at a practice in a developing country, while also educating people on the beauty that animals bring to our lives and how to treat them properly.


Communications Officer - Keira McTeer

Program and Year: 4th Year Biological Science

Aspirations: Right now, I'm not exactly sure what kinds of animals I want to focus on as a veterinarian. I'm leaning towards small animals, but I'm definitely open to wherever my experiences guide me once I get into OVC. I am very keen on animal welfare, especially with regard to animal experimentation, so I'm hoping to be able to do some work in that area over the course of my life!


Website and Marketing Officer - Youstina Makhlouf

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology, minor in Zoology

Aspirations: I am very passionate about the environment and conservation, so I would like to specialize in wildlife medicine one day. I hope to work internationally, where I can make a difference in the lives of animals and the communities that interact with them.


Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Jodie Snoek

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Currently, I’m focusing on bettering myself to build a strong application. Once the time comes, I hope to combine my passion for surgery and emergency medicine with rural practice and travel... but the options are endless so I’ll see where they take me!


Junior Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Danica Ng

Program and Year: 2nd year Bio-Medical Sciences

Aspirations: Working with animals has always been my dream, so I’m doing my best to get into the OVC! Specifically, I would like to specialize in exotic medicine and perhaps work in a zoo in the future.


Executive Assistant - Sophie Carter

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Becoming a veterinarian has been my biggest goal in life since I was 5 years old, and I still couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else! I strive to one day have my own small animal clinic, where I hope to make a positive and meaningful impact on both animals and their owners. I also have an interest in African wildlife and big cats and would love to work with them at some point in my career.


Executive Assistant - Spencer McMillan

Program and Year: 2nd Year Bio-Medical Science, minor in Neuroscience

Aspirations: I am pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian, with hopes of specializing in surgery, preferably orthopedics. I would love to have my own practice one day as I am also interested in the hustle of owning a business in veterinary medicine, with an emphasis on affordable care.


Executive Assistant - Ananya Mohan

Program and Year: 1st Year Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: I am really fascinated by large exotic animals so my passion as a veterinarian would be to work with wildlife reserves to help with the rehabilitation of wildlife and endangered animals. I am especially interested in the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine. I also love travelling and exploring new places so working to help and promote wildlife conservation all around the world would be the ultimate dream!


Executive Assistant - Kyla Hartt

Program and Year: 1st Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I hope to one day become a small animal veterinarian, as I have always had a love for animals. I am also interested in possibly specializing in surgical work, although it could be too early to tell! Either way, I really hope that whatever I end up doing involves being with animals all day!


Student Mentor - Alicea Grace

Program and Year: 4th year Animal Biology

Contact Alicea for any questions related to Animal Biology at agrace@uoguelph.ca


Student Mentor - Morgann Rollin

Program and Year: 3rd year Bio-Medical Science

Contact Morgann for any questions related to Bio-Medical Science at mrollin@uoguelph.ca