2021-2022 Executive


Co-President - Tula Sifling

Program and Year: 2nd Year Arts and Sciences

Aspirations: I have wanted to become a veterinarian my whole life, my goal is to attend the OVC and explore a variety of professions in the veterinary field. I love all animals, but I am very interested in wildlife and conservation. I also enjoy shadowing surgeries and studying anatomy which might lead me to wanting to specialize in surgery later. I have an open mind for my future in vet-med, but for now my goal is to be the best FVC co-president I can be.


Co-President - Noam Einy

Program and Year: 3rd Year Zoology

Aspirations: Animals have been important to me throughout my childhood, I have always wanted to help them in any way I can. My goal is to become a mixed practice veterinarian, hopefully involving marine life and small animals in some way. I am open to many other veterinarian fields that I may want to specialize in, but for now my goals are to get into the OVC and to give the FVC members a platform that will guide them through their veterinary paths.

Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Lowenger

Faculty Advisor - Elizabeth Lowenger

Manager of Student Affairs, Ontario Veterinary College


Senior Treasurer - Janis Fishman

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Ever since I could remember, I have always dreamed about becoming a veterinarian. As of right now, I am extremely interested in animal behaviour and hope for one day to pursue a rewarding career as a veterinarian where my main focus can be on studying the behaviour in small animals. 


Junior Treasurer - Maheen Khan

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Animals have always held a special place in my heart, so there was no doubt in my mind that joining the FVC executive team was something I wanted to do. I have a great passion for exotics and large animals and hope to one day combine that passion and knowledge by attending veterinary school. I hope to specialize in surgery or internal medicine and to also travel around the world to gain knowledge on the field of veterinary medicine in other countries.


Senior Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Danica Ng

Program and Year: 3rd Year Bio-Medical Sciences

Aspirations: Working to help both animals and people has always been my dream, and what better way to do that than becoming a vet? Specifically, I would like to specialize in feline medicine.


Junior Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Alex Czudner

Program and Year: 2nd Year Arts & Sciences

Aspirations: I have always had a love for animals and have been wanting to be a veterinarian for as long as I can remember. I am currently leaning towards small animals, but I am keeping an open mind, as I do love all species. I would love to one day specialize in surgery. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me!


Events Coordinator - Ananya Mohan

Program and Year: 2nd Year Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: I am really fascinated by large exotic animals so my passion as a veterinarian would be to work with wildlife reserves to help with the rehabilitation of wildlife and endangered animals. I am especially interested in the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine. I also love travelling and exploring new places so working to help and promote wildlife conservation all around the world would be the ultimate dream!


Events Coordinator - Jackson Holloway

Program and Year: 2nd Year Arts and Science

Aspirations: Having grown up an animal lover through and through, it has always been my dream to become a veterinarian.  I hope to combine this passion with a love of motivational speaking and international development. I would love to work at a practice in a developing country, while also educating people on the beauty that animals bring to our lives and how to treat them properly.


Website and Marketing Officer - Spencer McMillan

Program and Year: 3rd Year Bio-Medical Science, minor in Neuroscience

Aspirations: I am pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian, with hopes of specializing in surgery, preferably orthopedics. I would love to have my own practice one day as I am also interested in the hustle of owning a business in veterinary medicine, with an emphasis on affordable care.


Communications Officer - Kyla Hartt

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I hope to one day become a small animal veterinarian, as I have always had a love for animals. I am also interested in possibly specializing in surgical work, although it could be too early to tell! Either way, I really hope that whatever I end up doing involves being with animals all day!


Secretary - Jodie Snoek

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Currently, I’m focusing on bettering myself to build a strong application. Once the time comes, I hope to combine my passion for surgery and emergency medicine with rural practice and travel... but the options are endless so I’ll see where they take me!


Executive Assistant - Chloe Popov

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I have always known that I wanted to be a veterinarian, ever since I was little. As I have grown up, I have found that I have a passion for animal care across all fields, with particular interest in exotics and surgeries. My goal is to attend the OVC and gain a rich understanding of animal care and medicine practices across a broad range so that I eventually can work with a vast array of species. For now, I am thrilled to be working on furthering my knowledge and experience in the world of veterinary care!


Executive Assistant - Lana Katz

Program and Year: 2nd Year Bio-Medical Science

Aspirations: Becoming a veterinarian is a dream of mine because it combines my love for animals, my interest in medicine, and my “fix-it” mentality when I see something wrong. Although I currently think that nutrition or physical rehabilitation would make interesting specialties, I am keeping an open mind and know that wherever my veterinary path takes me, I will be fulfilled by helping animals and their humans.


Executive Assistant - Alena Parkinson

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I have loved learning about animals (big and small!) for my entire life and pursuing a career in veterinary medicine was something I felt was right for me! In the future I hope to work with exotics or in wildlife rehabilitation, but I’m open to any specialty that allows me to care for animals and do what I love.


Junior Treasurer - Sydney Topfer

Program and Year: 2nd Year Animal Biology

Aspirations: I have always been fascinated by the biology of animals which has led me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I would love to work with exotic species but am also very interested in wildlife rehabilitation, and have a particular interest in surgery and nutrition. I am excited to further explore the vast field of veterinary medicine and meet a new people along the way!


Junior Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Melissa Feng

Program and Year: 1st year Animal Biology

Aspirations: Animals have played an irreplaceable role in my life up until this point, and I would love to be able to give back in my own way. My current goal is to enter the OVC to pursue veterinary medicine, but I am keeping my career paths open to explore various areas of animal care. I have a particular interest in wildlife, small animals, and potentially a specialization in internal medicine! For the time being, my aim is to expand my knowledge and experience in as many different areas of animal care as possible.


Executive Assistant - Stephanie Juhary

Program and Year: 3rd Year Zoology

Aspirations: Veterinary science has always felt like the right path for me due to my strong passion for animals and science growing up! I am hoping to channel this passion into veterinary school to ultimately improve the health and well-being of animals. My goals for the future consist of travelling abroad to work with wildlife as well as potentially launching a veterinary practice of my own. As I navigate through my options, I have become very interested in specializing in surgical oncology and exotics. However, I am keeping an open mind to the many opportunities veterinary medicine has to offer!


Executive Assistant - Christina Gao

Program and Year: 1st year Animal Biology

Aspirations: My journey with animals started at a very young age, beginning with a little fear and doubt. But after all the experiences I had with them, I started to understand the beauty and conflicts within human-animal relationships. I decided that I want to keep working with both sides to maximize the beauty and minimize the conflict. My goals now are to get into OVC to develop my potentials, so that I am able to help when needed, and I want to encourage the members of FVC to reveal their abilities confidently with me.


Program Representative - Molecular Biology and Genetics - Cassidy Van Den Diepstraten

Program and Year: 4th Year Molecular Biology and Genetics, minor in Neuroscience

Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Cassidy and I am a fourth-year Molecular Biology and Genetics student with a minor in Neuroscience. I am excited to say that I will be your Microbiology and Genetics program representative for this year! I always enjoyed attending FVC events where I was able to meet people who shared my passion for veterinary medicine. I plan on keeping an open mind since there are so many options in vet med, but I am currently interested in veterinary research and mixed animal practice. I look forward to applying to the OVC and hearing about your veterinary goals this semester! I am excited about my new role with the FVC and meeting you all :)


Program Representative - Animal Biology - Eleanor Kenyon

Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology

Bio: Hi, my name is Eleanor and I am a third year Animal Biology Student who is proud to be the Animal Biology program representative! My passion for animal medicine runs deep as I have spent many years getting to know the veterinary profession through research, volunteer and job positions. Although sea turtles are my favourite animal (hence my envy towards the OVC class of 2024!!), all animals put a smile on my face. My goal is to apply to OVC and practice my passion! I look forward to running meetings to answer any questions you may have regarding the pre-OVC life!


Program Representative - Bio-Medical Science - Grace Dawson

Program and Year: 2nd Year Bio-Medical Science

Bio: Hi! My name’s Grace and I am in my 2nd year of Bio-Medical Science. I am one of the program representatives this year and look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have about applying to OVC!


Program Representative - Biological Sciences - Nadia Shamsi

Program and Year: 1st Year Biological Sciences

Bio: Hi my name is Nadia! I am a first year in Biological Sciences and I am super excited to be your Program Representative this year. I am from Thornhill, Ontario and if there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I love dogs. Becoming a veterinarian has always been my dream, which I am sure must be the same for a lot of you too and so I encourage all of you to come to our meetings. It is a great space to meet like-minded people who share a love and passion for animals and veterinary medicine. Feel free to drop by and say hi, I promise I don’t bite. Looking forward to meeting and talking to you all. Don’t be a stranger!


Program Representative - Zoology - Sofia Valente

Program and Year: 2nd Year Zoology, minor in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Bio: Hi! My name is Sofia Valente and I am a 2nd year Zoology student with a minor in Molecular Biology and Genetics. I am beyond excited to be your Program Representative for Zoology this year! When you get to know me, you'll know that I am crazy for cats, big or small.  Snow leopards are my favourite animal by far, even though all animals hold a place in my heart.  Veterinary medicine has always been a passion of mine and my love for this field keeps on growing as I continue to learn more about it through many volunteer and job positions.  I aspire to apply to the OVC and practice the field of my dreams, with a specialization in pathobiology. Please don't be shy to say hi, all are welcome here! I look forward to answering any questions you may have about the OVC! I can't wait to meet and talk to all of you soon!