January 17th
Specialty: Nutrition
Dr. Parr graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2009 and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) in 2015. In June 2016, she was awarded with the OVC Young Alumnus Award. Also known as “The Kibble Queen”, she is a veterinary clinical nutritionist and adjunct professor at OVC. She is one of 4 small animal board-certified veterinary clinical nutritionists in Canada and is passionate about teaching veterinary professionals, pet owners, and student veterinarians about how to keep cats and dogs in the best health possible through a nutritious and balanced diet. As part of OVC’s Clinical Nutrition team, Dr. Parr helps prepare the next generation of veterinary leaders through the 4th year Clinical Nutrition Rotation elective where she equips students with the diet and nutritional knowledge they will need once in practice.