January 24th
Specialty: Oncology
"I completed a Bachelor's degree in biochemistry at Western University (formerly the University of Western Ontario).  Following this I found my way to Guelph for a Master's degree in a cancer research laboratory in the Biomedical Sciences department.  Defending my thesis in August 2008, I started vet school (OVC) in September 2008.  Graduating vet school in 2012, I stayed in the teaching hospital for a 1-year general internship, which was followed by a 1-year medical oncology internship in the Animal Cancer Centre.  I matched to the OVC animal cancer centre for a 3-year residency (2014-2017) in medical oncology.  Following my residency I entered private referral practice joining the Toronto Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital (TVEH) as their first oncologist.  Since beginning the TVEH oncology service, we have built the practice to be the first multi-oncologist private practice in Southern Ontario and will be further expanding with another oncologist in the next year."