January 16th
Specialty: Equine
Dr. Bonder had a lifetime interest in becoming an equine veterinarian. From the earliest memories, he had a passionate love for horses. Growing up he volunteered (cleaned stalls and rode in exchange) at a sport horse facility just to be near the animals he found so intriguing. As a summer job from university, he exercised horses at Woodbine Race Track. Veterinary medicine seemed to be the perfect vocation for combining his love for horses and his interest in the biological sciences. 
He was accepted into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. He graduated with honours in 1977 and was the recipient of the Fowler award for highest proficiency in equine medicine and surgery. Dr. Bonder has constantly striven to expand his knowledge base by completing certificates in internal fixation, arthroscopic surgery and nuclear medicine. He has a keen interest in arthroscopic surgery, equine sports medicine and nuclear medicine. He is a past president of the Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners (OAEP) and a member of the Federal Drug Advisory Committee to Racetracks Canada. Dr. Bonder has a longstanding commitment to equine welfare through his continued association with the Long Run Program.