January 16th
Specialty: Virology
Dr. Ojkic worked in swine practice after graduation. As a graduate student he developed a system for production of vectored vaccines. Since 2001 he has worked as a virologist and immunologist at the University of Guelph Animal Health Laboratory, a high throughput veterinary diagnostic laboratory. In his current position he runs a lab with over 20 technicians and students; the lab does over 600,000 molecular and immunological tests per year with rationalized and re-organized testing routines. Dr. Ojkic introduced and developed over 100 state-of the–art tests for detection and characterization of viruses of veterinary importance. He also streamlined laboratory routines resulting in shorter turnaround times in providing results to clients and significantly increased lab revenue and profitability. Dr. Ojkic provides advice to veterinary practitioners, industry representatives and government agencies, has 91 peer-reviewed publications, 107 practical publications and has given presentations at 71 conferences.