FVC Newsletter/ListServ

The listserv is our newsletter. It is our way of informing students about FVC meetings and activities.

Please note if you joined the FVC via GryphLife without paying the membership fee you are not a member and will not receive listserv updates. Memberships can be paid at our Fall and Winter General Meetings, but if you can’t make these events (please find dates and times in our upcoming events section) please email us at fvc@uoguelph.ca.

At the start of each school year, we will be clearing the listserv of all email addresses and starting fresh. There will be a final ‘notification’ email letting you know that the list has been cleared. To be added for another year, simply purchase a membership. See below for instructions on how to delete yourself off of the listserv, should you wish to not receive emails from the FVC.

To remove yourself from the listserv simply send an e-mail message to fvc@uoguelph.ca with the subject line UNSUBSCRIBE.