Networking Brunch 2021

January 17, 2021


What is our annual Networking Brunch? This event gathers veterinarians from an array of specialties to meet with students to discuss their career path and what a typical day in their work is like. It is a chance for you to ask questions, in a speed-dating fashion, pertaining to a wide variety of issues that veterinarians face in their daily lives, giving you insight to a particular path that you may choose to pursue in the future. This year, we are featuring an extremely diverse and highly anticipated group of specialties! These individuals are eager to provide invaluable expertise and perspective from their extraordinary fields of study, so be sure to prepare your questions ahead of time. This event is one of our club's most educative and memorable experiences!


Our W21 Networking "Brunch" event will be held over two dates via Microsoft Teams: Sunday, January 17th and Sunday, January 24th, both from 11:00am - 12:30pm EST. Each date will feature a different group of specialties. To sign up and choose your date/specialty preferences, please access our Google form (available on January 5th at 12:00pm)