Small Ruminant AI Presentation

March 21, 2019

Hey Future Vets!

The OAC Sheep and Goat Club and Future Vets Club present Dr. Chris Buschbeck! The event will be held in LLC 1713 on Thursday, March 21st at 5:30 pm.

Dr. Buschbeck is the owner of WoolDrift Farms (an East Friesian Dairy Sheep Operation), Co-owner of SR Genetics, and a ruminant veterinarian. Dr. Buschbeck was born in Germany and has a Masters degree in Ruminant Nutrition. She received her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. With her husband, Dr. Buschbeck runs a successful dairy sheep operating in Grey County and they were the first farm in Canada to import sheep embryos for artificial insemination. For the past decade, Dr. Buschbeck has travelled all over Ontario conducting AI in sheep, goats, and small deer species, as well as working as a veterinarian at Markdale Veterinary Services. Dr. Buschbeck is the sole individual in the province licensed to perform trans-cervical insemination (the only procedure suitable for artificially inseminating sheep)! Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear her speak about her career path and the future of small ruminant genetics and medicine!


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