Wild Ontario 2020

November 10, 2020

On November 19th, FVC will be hosting Wild Ontario!

Who is Wild Ontario? Wild Ontario is three things:

"1. An environmental education program, delivering live-animal shows and displays across Ontario
2. An intensive, experiential learning opportunity for student volunteers
3. A long-term home and purpose for birds which can no longer survive in the wild"

Join us for an hour-long educational program focusing on Wild Ontario’s history with the Ontario Veterinary College and the veterinary cases of the birds in their program. Through a live demonstration with their teaching birds, you will have the opportunity to learn how to handle these birds and also learn more about how to rescue and conserve birds of prey that can no longer survive in the wild! You will also have the opportunity to ask Wild Ontario volunteers questions about the care of their bird!

If you are a member and interested in attending, stay tuned for a broadcast link which will be posted in our Microsoft Teams members channel closer to.

If you would like to purchase a membership for the year, please send an e-Transfer of $5 to fvc@uoguelph.ca with the password "fvcfvc" and indicate your email and first and last name in the e-Transfer.

To purchase a ticket without becoming a member, follow the same steps as if you were purchasing a membership, however, indicate in the e-Transfer "FVC WILD ONTARIO 2020".