Junior Editor of the Omnis Animalis - Emily Camarda


Program and Year: 3rd Year Animal Biology
Pronouns: she/her

Aspirations: Ever since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the idea of working with animals when I was older. My favourite thing to do was play ‘vet’ with my stuffed animals by covering them in band-aids until I decided they were healed. In university so far I’ve had opportunities to volunteer at animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and farms. I love gathering experience with as many animal species as possible - I'm still figuring out which ones I want to work with the most after school! For now, I'm so excited to be pursuing a veterinary pathway in university, because ultimately I have always been passionate about animals and I want to help other students with similar passions find their way into vet school along with me! I look forward to making meaningful connections with other future vets and using our common love of animals to propel us into making the world a better place together.