Junior Treasurer - Mya Pellegrini


Program and Year: 2nd Year Bio-Medical Science

Pronouns: She/Her

Hi everyone! My name is Mya and I am a first year Biomedical Sciences student. Growing up, I had a huge affinity for animals and knew that one day I would want to be a veterinarian. As I became older, I was made aware of what a challenging and daunting process this can be. I love people equally as much as I love animals, and I want to help other aspiring vets navigate their way through this process just as I am trying to do! Along my journey I have already learned so many new things, spoken to so many new people and overall, deepened my love and admiration for the work that veterinarians do every day. I am open to all fields of veterinary medicine and I am eager to see where the rest of my journey takes me. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the FVC!