FVC Executive Team Applications

PLEASE NOTE: To apply to an executive position you must already be a member of the Future Vets Club. See "Become a Member" page for more info; you can become a member at any point throughout the academic year by e-transferring the $10 membership fee to fvc@uoguelph.ca
APPLICATION DUE: Wed October 4th, 2023 at 11:59pm
INTERVIEWS WILL BE HELD: Wed October 11th, 2023 in the evening (Applicants will be emailed to inform you whether you recieved an interview)
Email your application to fvc@uoguelph.ca. Thank you for applying!


Executive Assistant

Spots: 3

Application Due Date: March 21st, 2023 @ 11:59pm

Description: Your responsibilities will be to perform various tasks depending on the needs of the club, such as:  

  • Attend weekly executive team meetings Wednesdays at 6pm
  • Observing and training to take on future executive positions (we prioritize applicants who express are able to remain on the executive team next year, with interest in taking on a more involved role in the future)
  • Supporting the club in event planning and the use of Microsoft Teams, or with setup for in-person events  
  • Assisting with merch and event ticket sales 
  • Taking pictures at events 
  • Sending emails to external universities, veterinarians, and organizations   
  • Collecting membership fees
  • Spreading the word about our club
  • And more! 

Application Instructions: In the body of your email, please write your name, year, and program, and answer the following (one paragraph each): 

(i) Knowing the responsibilities of this role, what do you believe you can contribute to the Future Vets Club team as an executive assistant? 

(ii) Please describe a time where you contributed to the planning and execution of an event. 

(iii) Please describe your favourite experience working with animals/veterinarians and why? 

Please attach a relevant resumé/CV and cover letter as well. 



Send in your application by email to fvc@uoguelph.ca