A Letter from the Co-President

March 28, 2020


It has been my pleasure to act as the Future Vets Club Co-President this year alongside my fellow Co-President, Matthew Vermey. I am currently completing the third year of my Bsc. in Animal Biology and aim to become a small animal veterinarian with a specialty in either emergency medicine or cardiology.


I joined the FVC Executive team at the end of my first year and served as the Marketing Officer throughout my second year of undergrad. This gave me the opportunity to meet many undergraduate students with the same goals and work with a motivated and committed executive team. Over the course of my second year, I greatly enjoyed the events the FVC organizes and decided to run for Co-President.


Although this role has kept me up many nights planning events, filled my calendar and to-do lists, and made sure that my email notifications never stopped, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. From our annual Specialty Networking Brunch, Mock MMIs, and the Behind-the-Scenes trip to the Toronto Zoo, to new events such as our talk with the OVC 3D Printing Club and Dr. Michelle Oblak, the FVC has hosted a variety of events this year that I am extremely proud of. And of course, our events would have been nothing without the attendance and enthusiasm of our members, so thank you to everyone who participated and made these events spectacular!


Additionally, we have revamped our annual publication, the Omnis Animalis, into a blog-style format and have featured many inspiring contributors. I am extremely proud of this year’s FVC executive team who worked tirelessly to bring our members quality events and opportunities to support the pre-veterinary community.


Becoming involved in an extra-curricular has given me the opportunity to network with so many undergraduate students, student veterinarians, and veterinarians. The connections I have made introduced me to various specialties and career paths that have allowed me to reconfirm my passion for the veterinary profession. In addition, the FVC allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills in a way that academics simply do not support.


As a generally quiet person, the FVC pushed me beyond my comfort zone and supported my growth as a leader among my peers. It was only once I joined the executive team that I had the opportunity to flourish in terms of my personal development. I encourage all students to find an activity outside of their studies that they are passionate about. Whether this be through a sports team, animal-related club, or another interest, it is vital to have an outlet outside of academics! The FVC allowed me to maintain a high level of productivity and continue working towards my career goals when I felt that I couldn’t possibly study anymore.


As this year comes to a rather abrupt end, I leave the FVC in the hands of our extremely capable new Co-Presidents, Tula Sifling and Noam Einy. Working with them is an incredible executive team that I have gotten to know well, and I am excited to witness how the FVC evolves under their leadership.


Thank you,

Kendall Kaufman


Kendall Omnis