Vet Tip Tuesdays

Interested in what advice or stories our veterinary professionals have to offer to those interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine?

Check out our growing video thread aimed to answer your common "pre-vet" questions!

Dr. DiPonio answers "What has been your favorite thing and least favorite thing about being a veterinarian?"

Dr. Arzem answers "What types of experience are vets usually willing to give their volunteers?"

Dr. Cornell answers "Share your experience with the best volunteer you’ve ever had"

Dr. Hibbs answers "Share a humorous story about a volunteer experience either from when you were a veterinary volunteer or the veterinarian working with a volunteer"















Dr. Psutka answers "What basic skills should a veterinary volunteer be expected to know?"















Dr. Straka answers "What makes a veterinary volunteer stand-out positively?"